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Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale

50th Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale
Praising God through Service
You are invited to a program to celebrate 50 years of the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale Friday, April 13 at 7:00 pm at Bretz Law Arena, Kansas State Fairgrounds. Schedule for the program is below:
Welcome / Prayer
Importance and History of the Sale
Auction Items to be sold Representing the Sale
MCC Related and Other Items Donate $25 to help provide clean drinking water in Ethiopia
Donate $50 to help dig a well in Nigeria
Donate $100 to help build a rainwater catchment system in Guatemala
Embroidered Tea Towels and Zwiebach Cassette Collection of KMMC, 25th Silver Addition 50th Anniversary Mug Set; 10K Villages items 50th Anniversary Quilt – picture at What has made the Sale successful
Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus Concert
A free-will offering will be taken